Scheduling request for landscaping services:

* General maintenance

Fertilization weed control treatments 

Flower bed maintenance quote request is needed 

Hedge trimming quote request is needed 

Mulch quote request is needed 

Sod installation quote request is needed

Plant or flower installation quote request is needed 

Clean up quote request is needed 

Tree trimming quote request is needed

All work requested must be submitted through our website on our contact links page. If we do not receive a work request your home will not be serviced. Please allow a minimum of one week to add your work request to our schedule no exceptions. The schedule is made a week in advance and we are usually booked out working Monday through Sunday. 

Locked Gates: Please unlock gates so that we can have complete access to all serviced areas. We recommend combination locks so that we can get into the back yard at no inconvenience to you. A rescheduling fee of $25.00 will be assessed for any home requested to service a previously locked area. 

Pets: Please pick up all pet waste before schedule day of service. Please have pets properly secured on scheduled service day. If your pet is not properly secured we will not be held responsible for pets that do escape. 

Weather Delay: If we are unable to service your home due to inclement weather, we will notify you via email of your next scheduled date. 

Cancellation or rescheduling services: We take the guess work our of when your home is going to be serviced. We send a friendly reminder 48 hrs prior to your home being taken care of. A 48 hr notice is to be submitted via email of any cancellation of services. If cancellation is not received in the required time frame a $25.00 fee will be assessed. 

Requesting landscaping quote:  Please submit work request quote through our contact page on our site. All quotes are valid for 30 days in which prices are subjected to change. If quote is accepted please reply via email accepted and we will schedule and notify you the day of service. 

Payment for landscaping services: There are two forms of payment cash and merchant services credit or debit cards checks are absolutely unacceptable. If your home is scheduled for service and there is no payment we will no longer service your home indefinitely no exceptions. If using merchant services to pay for general maintenance card will be processed for the entire month of service with a additional processing fee of $4.00.  

Contacting Us: Please contact us through our contact links page on our website. All calls will be returned during business hours Monday through Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm. Please do not text

Referral Program: Refer family friends co-workers to use our services. When your referrals use our services at least once you get one free general maintenance service. Please make sure that the people you are referring informs us of who you are so you get credit.